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The ultimate bodyweight workout The aeroSling ELITE Plus takes it to the extreme. It has been... mehr

The ultimate bodyweight workout

The aeroSling ELITE Plus takes it to the extreme. It has been optimized for a varied and intensive sling training experience. It offers everything that makes sling training particularly effective and enables you to perform versatile workouts for a long time.

Highest coordinative demand

The ball bearing mounted UltraPulley pulley allows the main rope to rotate/alternate particularly smoothly. This makes the ELITE Plus even more challenging than its "little brother" aeroSling ELITE due to its high instability. With each exercise, the deep-lying muscles and the interaction of the individual muscle groups (intermuscular coordination) are challenged even more. It is aimed at experienced sling training users, or those who already have good previous experience in bodyweight training.

Versatility and comfort

In addition to the studio-quality rubberized handles, the aeroSling ELITE Plus features adjustable foot straps that provide support for your feet and lower legs. Especially exercises for the torso and legs can be performed quickly and comfortably without retooling. In addition, any aeroSling accessory can be installed modularly, so that you can give free rein to your creativity in the exercise design. 

  • Unique pulley system for added instability and maximum training stimulus
  • Resistant materials from the climbing sport
  • Quick replacement of handles and individual parts due to carabiner system
  • Easy adjustability of instability. By twisting the main rope you get more frictional resistance and the required balancing force is reduced
  • Incl. two fixed handles and storage bag
  • Can be individually extended by numerous accessories
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Scope of delivery: 1 x aeroSling Elite incl. 2 fixed handles, carrying bag made of mesh material, exercise poster, code to an online exercise program


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